Welcome to Hospitaller Order of St. John of God St. Thomas Province, India

Hospitaller Order of
St. John of God
Welcome to Hospitaller Order of St. John of God

St. Thomas Province, India

The Hospitaller Order of St. John of God’ is a Religious Institute in the Catholic Church.

Regional divisions of the Order are known as Provinces. The Province is administered by the Provincial. In India Brother George Kizhakkenath is the Provincial. He is assisted in the management of the Province by his ‘Councillors’ (they are four in number and they are Brothers). Together they are called the ‘Provincial Definitory’.

In India the Provincial Curia (headquarters) is based at Poonamallee in Chennai (Madras).

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“Brothers, do good yourselves by doing good to others”, said St. John of God, the founder of the Hospitaller Order. He is called ‘the Saint of Charity’, and ‘the Father of the Poor’ and he left his mark on the history of hospitality. Following his example, his followers, the Brothers of St. John of God, started the Pratheeksha Bhavan at Kattappana, in order to participate in the compassionate love of Jesus towards the sick and the poor, which is the identity of the Hospitaller Order.

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Feast of St. George
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Feast days of - Br. George Kizhakkekara
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Br. George Kizhakkenath
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Br. Roy Palliparampil
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Br. George Pheniro
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Saint Mark the Evangelist
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Events Calendar

This Religious Order is governed by its Constitutions and General Statues, and its world-wide leadership is the Prior General and his Council who are based in Rome.

EVNT 1 06.04.2024 First day of Passover

EVNT 2 06.04.2024 Maundy Thursday

EVNT 3 07.04.2024 Sunday of Divine Mercy

EVNT 4 08.04.2024 Annunciation

EVNT 5 09.04.2024 Easter Day

EVNT 6 17.04.2024 Birthday Br. Tony Balot

EVNT 7 23.04.2024 Feast of St. George

EVNT 8 23.04.2024 Br. George Kizhakkenath

EVNT 9 23.04.2024 Br. Roy Palliparampil

EVNT 10 23.04.2024 Br. George Pheniro

EVNT 11 23.04.2024 St. George

EVNT 12 23.04.2024 Feast of Bros. George (sac), George K.T, Roy Joseph, George Pheniro.

EVNT 13 24.04.2024 Feast days of - Br. George Kizhakkekara

EVNT 14 25.04.2024 Saint Mark the Evangelist

EVNT 15 25.04.2024 Feast of St. Mark, Evangelist

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