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Residential Services

The St. John of God Centre offers a residential option to those students who live far away from a local special school facility, whose family circumstances require placement, or whose behaviour necessitates specialized external training.

The residential facility has a preferential option to support and train the neediest which include the orphaned, those with profound learning disabilities, those from impoverished families, those not able to have access to local facilities, and those whose needs cannot be met within their families.

There are five hostels located in the facility. Maria Home offers residential placement for girls and young women. Angel Home cares for young boys who attend the school. Richard Home is for boys above eighteen, Donatus Home for boys between 12 and 18 and Menny Home for boys who can live independently.

The aim of these homes is to create an atmosphere that a child would experience in his or her own home. The hostels also serve the purpose of creating a domestic environment where social skills and independence training undertaken in the school can be reinforced and practised. Some of the residents of the hostels are orphans and no distinction is made between them and the other students of the centre.

There is a lifelong stay facility called ' THARAVAD', neaning 'ancestral home' (see separate page/article for more details).

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